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AirOzone Ozone Generator

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AirOzone Ozone Generator

AirOzone 250 - £512.96
  • AirOzone 150
  • AirOzone 200
  • AirOzone 250 - £512.96
  • AirOzone 315
  • AirOzone 355

AirOzone Ozone Generator


AirOzone ozone generators eliminate any unwanted odours from the air in ventilation systems before it leaves the ducting. ‚

Available in a variety of sizes to suit most needs, the AirOzone ozone generators can be matched to most airflows as it is important not to exceed the airflow limitations of each model.

AirOzone 150

Diameter: 150mm
Ozone Plates:1
Max Air Flow: 600m³/h
AirOzone 200 Diameter: 200mm
Ozone Plates: 2
Max Air Flow: 1200m³/h
AirOzone 250 Diameter: 250mm
Ozone Plates: 3
Max Air Flow: 1800m³/h
AirOzone 315 Diameter: 315mm
Ozone Plates: 5
Max Air Flow: 3000m³/h
AirOzone 355 Diameter: 355mm
Ozone Plates: 8
Max Air Flow: 4800m³/h


Attached inline after the outtake (exhaust) fan, ozone generators need a minimum run of 5m of ducting after them to be effective. ‚

Please note ozone can be hazardous, it must be vented outdoors - never indoors. =

AirOzone ozone generators can be serviced by Global Air Supplies when the plates are no longer running at maximum capacity.


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