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IWS Flood & Drain (Std. Remote)

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IWS Flood & Drain (Std. Remote)

IWS Flood & Drain (Std. Remote)


The IWS system has become the most popular modular flood and drain system on the market since its launch some 20 or so years ago when it drew from (and improved upon) the other modular flood and drain systems in the market. As such it is a reliable, easy to use, pot-based growing system designed with the grower in mind.

Over the years very little has changed but these days it is available with three different inner-pot types and flexible or rigid reservoirs (though the systems are only available for delivery with the flexi-tanks).

Punched pots are along the lines of the original pot with a solid, near-vertical wall and a moulded grid/mesh base. These have a 9.5l volume and are suitable for most media types but are predominantly used with a 60:40 Clay/Coco mix on a base layer of pure clay pebbles.

The benefit of the 60/40 mix is the water retention and root protection brought by the Coco, the fact that the Coco retains some moisture means that the flood frequency can be reduced which is a good thing in larger systems where the flood time can be significantly longer.

Aqua pots are a traditional net pot with a slightly wider lip to allow them to be used in this system. That is to say they have a net outer wall and base allowing for maximum drainage and aeration. These pots have a 5.5l volume and are the pot of choice for using with pure clay pebbles. With these standard remote systems we only usually recommend this on the smaller, 6-pot, and 12-pot systems.

Culture pots are the second option for mixed media with a net base and partially net wall (the bottom couple of inches are net with the upper part of the pot being solid-walled). These pots have a 5.5l volume.

As with all flood and drain systems, the IWS can be used with a variety of hydroponic growing media, although in our experience using the punched pots with the bottom third of the pot as pure clay pebbles and the top two thirds as their own coco/clay mix is the best approach.

As with any hydroponic system you need to be aware that pythium can be an issue, using products such as Pythoff in the summer is highly recommended.

These systems are expensive but worth the money, for growers looking for a pot-based active hydroponic system we still think the IWS is the best on the market.

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