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CAN IsoMax Acoustic Fans

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CAN IsoMax Acoustic Fans

250mm / Low - 1480m‚³/h - £314.96
  • 150mm / 3 speed (310/360/410m‚³/h)
  • 200mm / 3 speed (570/770/870m³/h)
  • 250mm / Low - 1480m‚³/h - £314.96
  • 250mm / High - 2310m‚³/h
  • 315mm / Low - 2380m‚³/h - £323.96
  • 315mm / High - 3260m‚³/h - £490.46

CAN IsoMax Acoustic Fans


The CAN Iso-Max fans incorporate high-quality, high-air movement Etaline fan motors into sealed acoustic cases.

They can move very large amounts of air quietly and are much better at pulling air through carbon filters than standard fans.

As well as being surprisingly lightweight for fans of this size and quality, the Iso-Max fans also use low-energy motors so they dont require as much electricity but still maintain high levels of torque to handle carbon filters.

The CAN Iso-Max is available in a variety of sizes:

  • 150mm/6 Inch with a three-speed controller that draws 330, 380 or 430m‚³ per hour
  • 200mm/8 Inch with a three-speed controller offering 580, 800 or 900m‚³ per hour
  • 250mm/10 Inch low-power version that draws 1500m‚³ per hour
  • 250mm/10 Inch high-power version drawing 2400m‚³ per hour
  • 315mm/12 Inch low-power version that draws 2400m‚³ per hour
  • 315mm/12 Inch high-power version drawing 3300m‚³ per hour

Very highly recommended.


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