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Growth/Bloom Stims

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Hesi Boost
Regular price£9.95 From £8.96
    Biobizz Top Max
    Regular price£14.95 From £13.46
      Canna Boost
      Regular price£24.95 From £22.46
        Biobizz Fish Mix
        Regular price£7.95 From £7.16
          Nutrient Amplifier
          Regular price£19.95 From £17.96
            Atami Bloombastic
            Regular price£44.95 From £40.46
              CX Head Masta
              Regular price£18.95 From £17.06
                FloraMax OrganaBud
                Regular price£31.95 From £28.76
                  Bcuzz Stimulators
                  Regular price£13.95 From £12.56
                    Hard And Heavy
                    Regular price£84.95£76.46
                      Fruit Machine 1L
                      Regular price£59.95£53.96
                        Advanced Nutrients - Tasty Terpenes
                        Regular price£16.95 From £15.26
                          Advanced Nutrients - Bud Factor X
                          Regular price£28.95 From £26.06
                            Bcuzz Boosters
                            Regular price£19.95 From £17.96

                              Short for stimulants, stims are fantastic for promoting the multiplication of beneficial microorganisms in your soil. There are a variety of types available, so whether you’d like bountiful flowering or increasing the concentration of nutrients readily available to your plants.

                              At Greens Horticulture, we take pride in offering a range of both growth and bloom stims that can effectively improve the overall quality and yield of your plants and crops. We offer a range of products in different volumes, meaning you can easily choose a size that will suit your needs. Likewise, we offer products that can be used at different stages of the growth process, helping you to get the care you need.

                              For high-quality growth and bloom stimulants, shop our range at Greens Horticulture today.

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