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Root Riot

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Root Riot

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Root Riot


Root Riot is a ready-to-go, organic propagation cube for use with seeds and cuttings. With the same dimensions as the 1-inch rockwool cube they are suitable for transplanting into any growing system.

Composed of ground coir and an organic polymer their structure provides the perfect air/water ratio for faster, more vigorous rooting. Each cube is inoculated with the micro-nutrients and beneficial fungi necessary to give your young plants the best possible start in life. The cubes are supplied ready-moistened with a central hole to accommodate your cutting or seed.

In practice the cubes may require re-wetting on arrival, this should be done by soaking them in tepid water and allowing them to drain off. Should the hole in the block be too large to accommodate your cutting snugly, a new hole may be created to one side of the centre using a cocktail stick or similar.


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