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Ducting & Ductwork

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Combi Ducting
Regular price£8.25 From £7.43
    Ducting Clips
    Regular price£1.45 From £1.31
      Metal Tape - Heat Resistant
      Regular price£12.95£11.66
        Aluminium Ducting
        Regular price£5.45 From £4.91
          RAM Bug Barriers
          Regular price£4.95 From £4.46
            Regular price£3.45 From £3.11
              90 Degree Bends
              Regular price£6.95 From £6.26
                Acoustic Ducting
                Regular price£16.95 From £15.26
                  Ducting Reducers
                  Regular price£6.95 From £6.26
                    Regular price£8.95 From £8.06
                      Wall Flanges
                      Regular price£3.45 From £3.11
                        Fast Clamps
                        Regular price£9.95 From £8.96
                          Back-draft Shutters
                          Regular price£10.95 From £9.86
                            Phonic Trap Ducting
                            Regular price£44.95 From £40.46
                              G.A.S DiffuseAir
                              Regular price£36.95 From £33.26

                                Keeping a ventilated yet isolated environment for your indoor gardening environment is essential. Ducting, therefore, is a key component of creating the ideal conditions for healthy and long-lasting growth.

                                Passages known as ducts transport air back and forth, ensuring there is a constant fresh flow of air. With flexible options available, these ducts can be moved and aligned in different ways to adapt to a specific space with ease. There are even noise-reducing ducts that can keep the noise limited to help nurture the inherently serene nature of gardening.

                                As ducting requires several parts and components, we have you covered completely at Greens Horticulture. Shop our range of ducting goods online now, or get in touch with our friendly team for further information and support.

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