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AutoPot 4-Pot Systems

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AutoPot 4-Pot Systems

XL - 25l Pots - £134.96
  • XL - 25l Pots - £134.96
  • Standard - 15l Pots - £107.96

AutoPot 4-Pot Systems


The AutoPot 4-Pot systems are plant-driven, gravity-fed systems that are silent in operation and very low maintenance. For those with a growing area or grow tent of around a square metre these systems are a great option that remove the hassle and commitment required for a hand watering regime. These systems really can produce impressive results out of a square metre with a 600W grow light.

One of the many benefits of the Autopot systems is that each plant controls its own irrigation frequency via its own Aquavalve, most other automated systems deliver the same frequency across the whole system regardless of the health and performance of the individual plants. The Aquavalve in each pot-base controls the level of nutrient solution delivered to the plant, it will fill the tray to 20mm and then close until the tray is completely empty before refilling to 20mm, allowing the plant the essential dry period.

Available with the standard 15l square pots or the larger 25l square-to-round XL versions each system is supplied with a 47l tank which will sustain 4 large and heavily fruiting plants for 3-5 days - much longer earlier in the plants cycle (being gravity fed the tank needs topping up when it get down to around 25% full).

We recommend growers use good quality soil in this system such as Plagron Lightmix or Canna Terra Professional Plus (always on around a 40-50mm bed of clay pebbles). We advise against hydroponic substrates (that includes Coco/Coir unless mixed with Soil) because soil can support healthy plant growth over the broadest spectrum of pH values - it is the only growing medium that we have found to reliably perform with this bottom-feeding technique. Plants need to be watered from the top when potting up and should be hand-watered from the top as required for the first 7-10 days. Once the roots have had a chance to establish within the pot the tap can be turned on. It is a good idea to give the 6mm filter within the tank a clean every few weeks and avoid putting any organics or viscous additives in the reservoir.

In summary: a productive automated 4-plant system in either version, relatively cheap to buy, incredibly straightforward to run.


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