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Plant Magic Oldtimer Granules

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Plant Magic Oldtimer Granules

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Plant Magic Oldtimer Granules


Plant Magic Oldtimer Granules are a mixture of bio-stimulants, mycorrhizal fungi, and over 20 strains of beneficial bacteria.

  • Increased nutrient availability for faster growth
  • Increased resistance to root disease
  • Significantly increased root mass for larger crops
  • Suitable for use with any crop type in soil or coco, in both hard or soft water areas

Containing 20+ strains of beneficial bacteria as well as mycorrhizal fungi, bio-activity in the soil is greatly increased, creating a symbiotic network in which the rootzone thrives and grows large - helping to produce and support larger, heavier crops.

The micro-organisms also offer increased protection against fungal diseases such as Pythium, whilst the bio-stimulants ensure plants grow faster, and stay strong and healthy.

How to use Plant Magic Oldtimer Granules:

  • Sprinkle a healthy amount all around the potting hole, at every stage of potting up. Ensure granules will come into contact with roots for effectiveness.
  • Do not use it in conjunction with any peroxide-based products as this will kill (or severely inhibit) any micro-life.
  • Please refer to the feed schedule for more information (see downloads below).

Best Practices:

  • Use clean measuring instruments.
  • Optimal pH range: 5.5 - 6.2
  • For best results, monitor EC regularly and adjust accordingly based on crop type and growth stage.
  • Store away from direct sunlight, closed in its original packaging between 5‚°C and 25‚°C.
  • Once open, use within 6 months for best results.

Plant Magic has been delivering good, consistent results for many years - the Oldtimer range is no different and Plant Magic Oldtimer Granules remains a solid choice for organic growers. Recommended.


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