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SMS Hybrid Controllers

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SMS Hybrid Controllers

SMS Hybrid 8A - £314.96
  • SMS Hybrid 4A
  • SMS Hybrid 8A - £314.96
  • SMS Hybrid 16A

SMS Hybrid Controllers


SMSCOM Hybrid Controllers control the speed of your intake and extraction fans, easily and silently.‚

Fans plug straight into the unit, minimum speed, maximum speed and temperature are set via the 3 dials. The SMSCOM Hybrid Controller then takes over, increasing and decreasing the fan speeds as required to maintain the desired temperature.

Also included is a light sensor, which detects when the lights are off, and subsequently increases fan speeds for five minutes every hour - dumping any humidity that has been building up within the growing space. This added feature is great for plants susceptible to rot or mould during their flowering or fruiting stages. A rubber sleeve can cover the sensor to switch off this function.

The SMSCOM Hybrid Controllers work with most AC fans, including the ISO-Max single-speed range.

Available in the following options:

  • 4A - For use with fans with a combined draw of less than 4 Amps.
  • 8A - For use with fans with a combined draw of less than‚ 8 Amps.‚
  • 16A - For use with fans with a combined draw of less than‚ 16 Amps.‚

Please note:

If you are using EC fans, these controllers will not be able to control your fans, you will need to choose from our range of EC fan controllers.


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