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FloraMax Silica

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FloraMax Silica

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FloraMax Silica


FloraMax Silica is highly concentrated,‚ containing 16% silica (present as Mono-silicic Acid and Meta-silicic Acid). Its 100% bio-available and completely soluble, offering many benefits for growers.

  • Strengthens stem and leaves and prevents leaf wilt during hot temperatures
  • Helps to increase crop yield and quality
  • Can be used in any growing medium/system
  • Ideal for use with any nutrient schedule/brand

Foruse throughout the vegetative and flowering/fruiting phases,‚ FloraMax Silica‚ is extremely stable, with a‚ shelf-life of 20+ years!‚ Its also very effective as a foliar application.

It optimizes the scientifically known benefits of silica, such as increased plant rigidity and overall strength, whilst enhancing fruit weight and density, increasing crop performance and success. As well as helping to prevent leaf wilt during hotter temperatures, it also offers‚ increased protection against diseases such as powdery mildew and fruit rot‚ - both of which can cause complete crop failure.

How to use FloraMax Silica:

  • Use 0.1-0.25ml per litre throughout the vegetative and flowering/fruiting phases
  • 3ml per litre when used as a foliar application.
  • Never use in conjunction with chlorines or peroxides.
  • Please refer to the feed schedule for more information (see downloads below).

Best Practices:

  • Shake well before use.
  • Use clean measuring instruments--do not put anything into the bottle.
  • Monitor EC regularly and adjust accordingly based on crop and growth stage.
  • Store closed in original packaging at a temperature between 45° F and 85° F.

Composition:‚ NPK 0-0-8

Despite the FloraMax range being relatively new to the UK market, initial feedback from our customers is very positive, finding it to be clean, easy to use and very productive. Highly recommended.


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