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Rox Flower Enhancer

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Rox Flower Enhancer

Rox Flower Enhancer


Rox Flower Enhancer is a mixture of organic and synthetic components - amino acids, plant growth regulators (PGRs), vitamins, and minerals.

When used correctly, Rox Flower Enhancer will greatly increase the density and weight of flowers.

Rox Flower Enhancer is only bottled in a 1l size by the manufacturer- any smaller sizes on the market have been decanted outside of the manufacturing facility.

Directions for use:

Rox should be used from day 21 of flowering, up to day 35 of flowering.

Recirculating systems:

Before using Rox, make up a fresh nutrient solution. Add 3mls of Rox per litre of nutrient solution. Don°t change your solution for 7 days. Top up as necessary, but do not add more Rox.

Run To Waste Systems (Soil & Coco):

Use 5ml per litre of nutrient solution. Ensure plants receive Rox for at least 10 days.

Outdoor Grown Plants (Soil):

Use 5ml per litre of nutrient solution and apply 10ltrs of solution per square metre of growing area.

PLEASE NOTE: Less is more with Rox, half measure doses are often sufficient to produce the desired results - it°s strong stuff!

*For use on ornamental crops only*


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