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Buddhas Tree Flowerburst

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Buddhas Tree Flowerburst

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Buddhas Tree Flowerburst


Buddhas Tree Flower Burst‚ is a unique,‚ highly concentrated pre-flower booster,‚ designed to give plants exactly what they need‚ during the very demanding late growth/pre-flowering and early-flowering phases.

  • Boosts growth and floral production for increased yields
  • Delivers optimum transitional nutrition
  • Made from highest quality 100% food-safe materials
  • Can be used in any growing medium/system‚ and on any crop type

The nutrient needs of your plants will change considerably during the switchover from the vegetative growth to the flowering/fruiting phase - with an NPK ratio by weight of 0-10-8 Flower Burst is able to deliver the high amounts of phosphorous and potassium needed during this demanding phase, whilst also containing increased boron levels to help to increase calcium mobilisation and aid nutrient uptake; this is also essential for optimal root growth.

This ratio is particularly effective for growers who use prefer to continue to use a vegetative/grow base nutrient during early flowering by upping the type as well as the levels of phosphorus that the rootzone/plants require to ensure the earliest possible onset of flowers without affecting nutrient uptake. Flower Burst will help to ensure a seamless change into the pure flowering phase of the bloom cycle.

In trials, Flower Burst induced a significantly faster and more robust flowering response than the control specimens. Bud sites were recorded 4-5 days earlier than the control plants, and with an increased number of bigger flower clusters.

How to use Buddhas Tree Flower Burst:

  • Use in the‚ last week of the vegetative/growth phase‚ and the first 3 weeks of the flowering phase at a dilution rate of 0.25ml per litre.
  • Please refer to the feed schedule for more information (see downloads below).

Best Practices:

  • Shake well before use.
  • Use clean measuring instruments - do not put anything into the bottle.
  • Monitor EC regularly and adjust accordingly based on crop type and growth stage.
  • Store closed in its original packaging at a temperature between 5°C and 25°C.

Overall, we think Buddhas Tree Flower Burst is a great product that does exactly what it says it will do - significantly increase the number of flowering/bud sites, allowing your PK booster to maximise your crop potential for larger, heavier yields come harvest time.

Recommended,‚ especially for those who like to continue to use a grow based nutrient into the early flowering phase.


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