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T.A. Fulvic

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T.A. Fulvic

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T.A. Fulvic


Terra Aquatica Fulvic is an ultra-pure, 100% natural bio-stimulant.

Terra Aquatica has found a high-quality source of Leonardite from which they make their high-quality Fulvic acid. Fulvic acids enable plants to absorb more minerals, thereby making nutrients more effective.

This leads to:

  • Better root development
  • earlier harvests
  • healthier, disease-resistant plants
  • enhanced quality of flavour and fragrance
  • increased essential oil production
  • significantly higher yields.

Fulvic is pH balanced and can be used alongside your usual nutrient regime.

Add to every watering or feeding or use as a foliar spray up to early flowering/fruiting. To improve germination, soak seeds in Fulvic solution.

  • Solution: 2ml /L
  • Foliar spray: 2ml /L


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