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T.A. Oligo Spectrum

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T.A. Oligo Spectrum

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T.A. Oligo Spectrum


Oligo Spectrum is a mixture of micro and sub-micronutrients that give plants the trace elements they need.

Oligo Spectrum also contains an organic buffer to help maintain the pH levels of the nutrient solution, and will also help limit the effects of calcium in hard water areas.

It can be used as a foliar spray to add strength to your plants, or as an additive for hydroponic systems or soil.

Please note that if you are using GHE Nutrients you do not need to add Oligo Spectrum - GHE Nutrients already contain a full trace element spectrum.

How to use Oligo Spectrum:

  • Hydroponics: 2 ml/L
  • Soil: 3 ml/L
  • Foliar spray: 2 ml/L


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