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Vitalink Hydrate

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Vitalink Hydrate

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Vitalink Hydrate


When incorporated from the very start of growth, VitaLink Hydrate will help plants through periods of water stress - it could mean the difference between crop failure, or success.

  • Helps plants cope in periods of drought
  • Encourages side shoot growth and longer, bigger roots for stronger, bushier plants and larger yields
  • Use as a foliar application for faster protection in sudden/unexpected drought
  • Can be used with any growing medium/system, crop type and both hard or soft water

Designed for plants that are being grown with a risk of interruption to water or nutrient supply, Vitalink Hydrate can be a vital aid to growing, providing stress relief and increased protection against the negative effects of drought. It does this by facilitating the storage of carbohydrates and sugars which can be used in times of need, allowing plants to thrive and survive for increased periods of time in times of limited water supply or drought.

VitaLink Hydrate is an advanced bio-stimulant for growers that want to achieve maximum yield, cost-effectively. A unique product from UK based manufacturers VitaLink, that not only protects against drought stress but actively helps plants to thrive and prosper in these unwanted conditions. An advanced technology, it contains ligno-polycarboxylates and betaines to protect against drought stress, gibberellins and auxins (plant growth hormones) to help the growth side of things, together with sulphur, amino acids and humic acids which all help ensure the plant's internal processes are functioning effectively.

VitaLink Hydrate allows plants to produce more growth hormone - enabling side shoots to grow on at a time when main-stem vertical growth is restricted/prevented as a plant defence response to the lack of water. This means instead of shutting up shop when the climate is too dry, plants can keep growing side shoots (as a minimum), ultimately delivering shorter, stockier, bushier plants - ideal for many plant types, and something which is then positively reflected in increased yield size, and quality.

Highly concentrated (1L of VitaLink Hydrate makes at least 1600L of solution) and offering fantastic value for money, one of Hydrate's main ways of preventing drought stress is in its ability to prevent flower abortion (when a plant purposefully drops a flower (before maturation) due to some form of stress). No/reduced flower drop means more flower sites, and more flower sites means heavier fruit/flower yields. It's easy to see why some of our customers swear by it, and is more or less a must when growing indoor/greenhouses/polytunnels in the summer months, which are getting more extreme each year.

How to use VitaLink Hydrate:

  • VitaLink Hydrate is most effective when used regularly, a week or two before temperatures increase. This cumulative effect allows plants to slowly build a tolerance to periods of drought.
  • If using alongside VitaLink Heat OR Vitalink Chill ONLY use a half dose of EACH; otherwise, there is a risk of plant damage.
  • For all applications: Use from the early vegetative phase until late flowering, allowing one week for crop flushing. Apply at a dilution rate of 0.2-0.6ml per litre of water/nutrient solution. Dosage should reflect the risk of drought - apply regularly in low on-going drought risk at a rate of 0.2ml/L, medium risk at 0.4ml/L and high drought risk at 0.6ml/L. Ensure you stir well.
  • For sudden drought/fast protection: VitaLink Chill can also be used as a faster-acting foliar application - apply at a dilution rate of 5ml per litre of water, weekly. Do not spray to run off. Foliar application is not as effective as slowly building up your plants' tolerance gradually (see point above), but it could very well save an otherwise lost crop.
  • Please refer to the feed schedule for more information (see downloads below).

Best Practices:

  • Always use clean measuring instruments.
  • Optimal pH range: 5.8 - 6.5
  • For best results, monitor EC regularly and adjust accordingly based on crop type and growth stage.
  • Store away from direct sunlight (dark ideally), closed in it's original packaging between 5ƒ€š‚°C and 25ƒ€š‚°C.
  • Once open, use within 6 months for best results. Use within 2 years of production date.

UK based manufacturers VitaLink are a solid brand, and have been producing a range of nutrients and additives for many years now, offering good quality, consistent results. VitaLink Hydrate (alongside VitaLink Chill and VitaLink Heat) are stand-alone products as far as we know in terms of their effectiveness at dealing with, and actively helping plants to thrive in extreme environments, drought in VitaLink Hydrate's case. It's highly concentrated, too, so goes a long way, and all at a very reasonable price indeed - a bit of a no-brainer if you're one of many who are unable to check their crops as often as they'd like to, and would like to avoid any nasty surprises. Recommended.


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