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750ml RTU Spray - £10.31
  • 750ml RTU Spray - £10.31
  • 1l Concentrate - £19.76



Cannacure is a combination of a bug repellent, mildew preventative and foliar feed product all in one bottle.

From the Canna website:

When you spray CANNACURE, it forms a second natural skin on your plants. This layer improves leaf colour and vigour and while ensuring that the plants can still breathe. It makes them healthy, shiny and clean, enabling optimal photosynthesis. This gives the plants the chance to focus on flowering.

Also, any plant pests will get stuck to the sticky layer, so they wont have the chance to damage the leaves. Eventually, the pests will starve to death. Combined with other CANNA nutrients and additives, CANNACURE will help your plants to resist any future infestations and diseases.

Available in a 750ml RTU (ready-to-use) spray bottle or a 1 litre bottle of concentrate for which makes 3 litres of spray solution.


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