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CX Mighty Bloom Enhancer

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CX Mighty Bloom Enhancer

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  • 1 litre - £21.56
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  • 10 litre

CX Mighty Bloom Enhancer


Mighty Bloom Enhancer is a PK Booster (NPK: 0:20:22) with guaranteed analysis:

Available Phosphate (P2O2): 15%, Soluble Potash (K2O): 18%

In line with all the other PK products out there is stimulates flowering and encourages prolific flowering growth at the key points in the cycle leading to bigger, denser, heavier flowers. This product is a PK Booster and should be used alongside a flower stimulant product such as Head Masta to achieve the best quality in your crop.

Use at 1ml/l throughout flowering, in week 6 use at 5ml/l without using any base nutrients during this week do not adjust the pH of the solution (manufacturers guidelines). In week 7 return to 1ml/l alongside your usual base nutrients and additives.

Available in 1l, 5l, and 10l.


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